On a Mission?
Our Mission—Help You Fulfill Yours.

Fractional CTO services and leadership coaching for mission-driven

organizations tackling today's most profound challenges.

If you lead a mission-driven, early- or growth-stage company, your mission is our mission. At Crafty CTO, we innovate through technology to help like-minded leaders fulfill their missions.

We’ve been there. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve founded, built, exited. We know the hard work, pain, challenges, thrills, terror, exhilaration. We’ve made the mistakes, learned the lessons, survived, thrived.

We’re builders. We know product and we know software engineering. We understand what it means to conceive, prototype, refine, build, launch, listen, iterate, scale, succeed.

We’re here for you. Our sole function is to help early- and growth-stage organizations thrive through the crafty application of technology. Often times, we’ll serve as your fractional CTO—part of your core, trusted team. Other times, we’ll serve as coach, for both founders and technology leadership. We often are called upon to assess the current state of “PPT”—people, process, and technology—and establish a roadmap for change. Finally, you can use us to help you “close the deal,” be it fundraising, exiting, or acquiring. Whatever form our help takes, your mission is our mission.

Get in touch and let’s talk mission.