About Crafty CTO and Jack Ivers

Crafty CTO is the brainchild of Jack Ivers, whose career combines technology leadership, entrepreneuring, and strategic advisory. Jack’s experience includes multiple stints as CTO; two successful startup exits; advising organizations from early stage startups to Fortune 100s; and over the past four years, serving as fractional CTO for organizations from pre-revenue up through $30M ARR. Jack has centered Crafty’s own mission around our clients’: helping mission-driven organizations fulfill that mission, as their fractional CTO, coach and advisor.

Jack is a build-stage CTO, with depth on both product and software engineering. Jack brings a critical sense of urgency to the product and software engineering process. As Paul Graham says:

Launch fast. The reason to launch fast is not so much that it’s critical to get your product to market early, but that you haven’t really started working on it till you’ve launched. Launching teaches you what you should have been building. Till you know that you’re wasting your time. So the main value of whatever you launch with is as a pretext for engaging users.

Or as Steve Jobs said more succinctly:

Real artists ship.

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