Introducing Crafty CTO

Turning the page: the story of Crafty CTO
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I joined TechCXO Back in 2019, and it’s been a great experience surrounded by an awesome group of people. I’ve learned so much … most importantly, I think, that I love being a fractional CTO, a role that allows me to make use of everything I’ve learned and experienced over a long technology-focused career.

Today I’m turning the page – but not on what I do: my focus is still all-in on helping businesses as their fractional CTO. What’s changing, rather, is the entity I’m delivering through – a new company called Crafty CTO. I’m Crafty’s founder, chief executive, owner, the guy running the place, or to use a phrase that dates to before the Civil War, the chief cook and bottle washer.

I continue to partner with and do work through TechCXO, for their existing accounts and when a broader set of skills beyond technology is needed.

What Crafty does

At any given point in time, fewer than half of all early- and growth-stage companies have seasoned CTOs in place. The reasons vary, with some combination of “can’t afford it yet,” “moving too fast right now,” and “special situation” generally at the heart of things.

If technology is essential to the company’s viability (when is it not in today’s world?), there are serious risks and valuation penalties for going without a seasoned CTO. And that is precisely the gap that a strong fractional CTO can fill.

I work with businesses as early stage as pre-revenue, and as mature as growing-nearing-exit with engineering headcount approaching 100. The essence of what I bring to the table when I’m out there helping a business as their fractional CTO: recognizing what aspects of technology are uniquely critical for that business, and then bringing deep insights and guidance to the executive team in these critical areas. That’s where the name “crafty” comes from – I feel it captures the essence of what I do.

You can see more specifics around what we do here, and find an explanation of why the fractional model works so well here.

Finally, I’d strongly recommend reading this post about how we leveraged AI models to accelerate Crafty’s launch.