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Simon Willison's LLM Tool: Now I Have 50 LLMs

I updated my installation of Willison's LLM tool to add plugins, and now I have 50 LLMs at my fingertips, including 15 local models, which get installed on demand.
March 25, 2024 1 min

I’ve been intending to get my feet wet with the new Claude models from Anthropic, especially Opus. When I saw Simon’s recent “sidequests” post I decided to update to the latest version of his LLM CLI tool (part of Datasette) and get Opus access from the command line, using the Claude plugin.

While I was at it, I connected Google Gemini, Anyscale Endpoints, and gpt4all, the latter providing the abovementioned 15 local models, which auto-install when you first request a model. 50 LLMs in all—and this is far from the complete list LLM provides access to through its plugin architecture.

Very handy for testing, such as “how does Llama 70b compare to ChatGPT GPT-4 on this question?”