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Gruber Responds to Gurman's Report of AI Anxiety at Apple

“What I have heard from little birdies in Cupertino is not that there was a miss on this already .... The anxiety inside Apple is that many people inside do not believe Apple’s own AI/ML team can deliver, and that the company — if only for privacy reasons — is only going to use what comes from their own AI/ML team.”
October 24, 2023 1 min

In my July essay An Appllama Week in AI, I mentioned that Apple “might get pinched” because they move much slower than the AI space is moving.

In a recent Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman recently quoted “a person with knowledge of the matter” about internal anxiety at Apple regarding the generative AI space:

There’s a lot of anxiety about this and it’s considered a pretty big miss internally

Gruber’s take, especially given his access to birdie friends, rings true to me. Back in July, I quoted several comments on Hacker News that gave the same impression, this one in particular:

I work in the field and [Apple] just are not hiring the people they need to be hiring.