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ChatGPT Code Review

Another great use: coming up to speed on an unfamiliar codebase.
June 3, 2023 1 min

I’m working with a fractional CTO client to launch a significant update of their web + mobile platform. The mobile app needs to support offline mapping, and our dev team has fighting through some problems there. My understanding of how map rendering and offline worked in the app was fairly high level, and given the current problems, I decided I needed to deepen my knowledge a bit. So I invoked my trusty intern ChatGPT (GPT-4 model) to help me walk through the app and understand the libraries being used, sources of map tiles, online and offline flows, etc. In about an hour, my understanding progressed from superficial to fairly deep, and potential causes of the problem we’re fighting much more clear. The conversation spanned over 46 pages and 10,000 words. This wasn’t a “saved time” situation–rather it was, “never would have done it alone.” A big win.