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Sloppy Apple Keynote Observations, Part 2

Vision Pro
June 5, 2023 1 min
  • Pre-keynote expectations are to Vision Pro reality as “front screen will show googly eyes” is to the actual EyeSight feature
  • This product shows the degree to which Apple is the anti-Meta
  • The heavyweight first-gen feel of this reminds me of the first iPad. A super solid chunk.
  • The theater experience–want.
  • 23M pixels per eye in a postage-stamp-size display.
  • So so so many things they had to do to get this right. E.g., Zeiss lens options for those needing corrected vision. Reminds me of Apple Watch, but probably 20X longer list.
  • On-secure-enclave OpticID. Holy hell.
  • So so so many cameras and sensors.
  • Required an entire new OS flavor to make this work.
  • Required an entire new chip family (in addition to an M2) to make this work–12ms latency sensor to display. That’s insane but necessary. Meta will never, ever catch up with this.
  • 5,000 patents. Seems about right.

I predict an Apple Watch like trajectory of success but way way bigger revenues.