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Sloppy Apple Keynote Observations, Part 1

Everything except Vision Pro
June 5, 2023 2 min
  • Keynote video: Apple blew out the audio levels on interstitial music. Very off brand.
  • New Mac Pro: I was very amused when, as Apple talked about this beast having 7 PCIe slots and mentioned what you’d use them for, they skipped one little item … GPUs. “Let’s ignore generative AI and it’ll go away.”"
  • iOS 17
    • Stickers is a terrible name, but I think this will be a great feature–like iOS’s “photo subject select / cut” on steroids.
    • StandBy: Like it, but for nighttime, does an all-red color scheme make you sleepy?
    • Autocorrect is being upgraded to “2019 state of the art” level
  • iPadOS 17
    • Health app on iPad. I’ve been wanting that.
    • Notes app massive upgrades, lots of Notability-type upgrades but just like I’ll never buy another Ford, I’ll never trust my notes to the Notes app. Been burned by both Fords and Notes.
  • macOS Sonoma
    • tvOS like screen savers look nice
    • Not a gamer but what they’re doing with Game Mode resonates
    • Presenter overlay features are interesting and looks like they’re not FaceTime only thank god.
    • Loved the car control demo featuring a Lucid Air and not a Tesla. Screw you Elmo.
    • Safari profiles and webapps look intriguing. Skeptical that they’ll actually get profiles right though.
  • AirPods
    • Adaptive audio, a combination of transparency and noise reduction.
    • Conversation awareness, detecting and augmenting speech. Getting into hearing aid territory.
    • Better autoswitching. Currently that’s unusably bad; we’ll see.
  • Apple Watch
    • Road biking wonderfulness, if it actually works. Bluetooth sensor support, FTP calculations, full-screen bike computer modes. I use Cyclemeter but if this works …
    • Looks like great upgrades for hiking also.

There you go. Sloppy enough for you?